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Result of the Centenary Lucky Draw – 4th June, 2007


Serial No              Gift                                     Ticket No                                           Winner

01                    Microwave                              EF 0000065                              Sharon Stephen Cl IX-M

02                    Gold Ring                               IJ  0000304                               Ayesha Zahid IX-O

03                    Gent’s Leather Jacket          QR0000498                              Yasmin Waqar

04                    Juice Mixer                              QZ0000061                               Maleeha Ahmed VIII-G

05                    Suit by Blossoms                   FG0000177                              Shaha Gul VI-G

06                    Carpet                                       HI0000368                               Nurriya Khurshid X-M

07                    Ladies Leather Jacket           ST0000392                              Amna Khan III-W

08                    Gent’s Citizen Watch              OE0000424                             Shazia Shar V-G

09                    Ladies Citizen Watch             RS0000230                             Sara Jamil VIII-W

10                    Halogen Heater                       BC0000347                            Samina Javed - Teacher

11                    Pressure Cooker                    EF0000326                               Beenish V-G

12                    Ladies Jumper                        DE0000073                              Mahwal Tariq V-W

13                    Red Suit                                    AB0000222                              Shahzia Amjad – Teacher

14                    Ladies Jumper                        CD0000462                              Khunsha Dawood IV-G

15                    Ladies Jumper                        KL0000028                              Sonal Izza IV-W

16                    Ladies Jumper                       UB0000115                            

17                    Tops                                          QZ0000075                               Maleeha Ahmad VIII-G

18                    Tops                                          CD0000025                               Rebecca – Teacher

19                    Tops                                         VX0000109                                 Hina Tayyaba PSFD

20                    Tops                                         KL0000273                                Mahnoor Alam IX-M

21                    Tops                                         QZ0000291                                Nada Sheikh VIII-G

22                    Tops                                         ST0000198                                Zaini Fatima VIII-O

23                    Boys Suit                                  FG0000192                               Sana Almagir VI-G

24                    Boys Suit                                  LM0000019                               Madam Rafi – Teacher

25                    Boys Suit                                  IJ00000345                               Kanez Z. IX-O

26                    Suit by Blossoms                   BC0000290                               Hafizabad

27                    Bathroom Scales                   RS0000026                                Maheen Ahmed VIII-W

28                    Wall Clock                               DE0000202                                Minal V-W

29                    Large Teddy Bear                  PQ0000011                                Aleen Khan VII-G

30                    Quranic Picture                      XW0000442                                Areeb VIII-W

31                    Duck                                         UV0000359                                Nuzhat Aeeba III-G

32                    Car Accessories                    CD0000433                                Hafsz IV-G

33                    Dog                                           GH0000378                               Zaineb IV

34                    Chocolates                              ST0000325                                Meena III-W

35                    Suit Piece                                 AB0000022                                Anum IX-O

36                    Lotus Doll                                HI0000361                                  Nurriya X-M

37                    Boxed Doll                               IJ0000027                                   Aqsa Sohail IX-M

38                    Vase                                         VX0000013                                 Rukhsana Qayyum

39                    Fly Catcher                              KL0000138                                 Sara Sheikh IV-W

40                    Bed Sheets                             CD0000255                                Rabia

41                    Flowered Picture                    HI0000145                                  Sabeeka IX-M

42                    Small Teddy Bear                  UV0000185                                 Saleeha Abid III-G

Our most grateful thanks to all our kind donors of gifts, and to Q’s International for the donation of tickets.   Also  to those who sold the tickets and to those who bought them.   Together you helped to make the Draw a successful one.   Once again our most grateful thanks.   From all of us at the Sacred Heart.


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